Grand Ole Echo – Elijah Ocean – Tickets – The Echo – Los Angeles, California – August 6th, 2017 – Spaceland Presents
Grand Ole Echo - Elijah Ocean

The Echo & Grand Ole Echo Present

Grand Ole Echo - Elijah Ocean

Summer Dean, Ben Reddell Band

Sun, August 6, 2017

3:00 pm (event ends at 8:00 pm)

The Echo

Los Angeles, California

This event is all ages

Free before 5PM, $5 after 5PM

Grand Ole Echo
Grand Ole Echo
Elijah Ocean
Elijah Ocean
Elijah Ocean is an American singer-songwriter making modern folk and country music rooted in the styles of artists like Neil Young, Gram Parsons and The Band.

Ocean was born in a small house in the Hudson Valley. He grew up listening to records by The Beatles, Paul Simon and Willie Nelson in the woods of midcoast Maine. As a teenager Ocean was gifted an acoustic guitar and, inspired by the songs of Bob Dylan, began writing songs in his family's barn.

Ocean's career as a solo artist began in 2009 with the release of his folky debut, The Wind or the Wine, which coincided with a move from Maine to New York City. It was there he honed his voice and vision, establishing himself as a unique and authentic musical talent with the release of Tumble & Fall in 2012. A steady regimen of national touring followed, with Ocean recording two sessions for Daytrotter and playing to packed houses from Mercury Lounge in New York to Hotel Cafe in LA.

The opportunity to record this new group of songs at Waterfront Studios for follow-up album Bring It All In was a dream come true for the blossoming singer. Built by producer Henry Hirsch (Lenny Kravitz, Mick Jagger) inside a nineteenth-century church in Hudson, the analog studio provided the perfect space for Ocean's thoughtful songs to come to life. The album was released in Oct 2014 as Ocean once again made a simultaneous move, this time to Los Angeles.

"That's what this song does; whoever you are (providing you have a soul) it touches you. The melody is simple enough, gently building throughout with the message of just getting through it, which is fairly universal. It actually becomes quite inspirational by the end with its catchy chorus infecting your brain. Life can sometimes feel like it's on a continual loop of making you ride something or other out – good to have Elijah there to sing the soundtrack." - Chris T Poppers Best of the Year 2014, Mad Mackerel

"This is the most beautiful, aching record we've heard all year. Gorgeous vocals cascade over simply arranged acoustic guitars and tender harmonies. Fans of Gram Parsons and Graham Nash will be singing the praises of Bring It All In for years to come." - Benjamin Ricci, Performer Magazine
Summer Dean
"Once you've heard her faintly twangy voice — it's nearly impossible to forget."
-Preston Jones, Star Telegram

"...You ain't never heard country music like this before."
-Ben Ryan, 95.9 The Ranch

"...deliciously torchy..."
-Baron Lane, Twang

Growing up in a small and rural, Texas town; Summer Dean was lucky enough to be blessed with a family deeply rooted in music. It was this kind of upbringing that gives her a distinctly thoughtful approach to writing music; the raw lyrics, bare-boned and honest voice, the approachable confidence you see on stage as well as her sultry timelessness.
Playing the piano and guitar from a very young age, by the time she headed off to Texas Tech Summer was already writing and playing her own songs in the legendary live music scene of Lubbock, Texas.

Her songwriting and voice speak for themselves but to give references through words alone: The traditional approach of Loretta Lynn mixed with an Americana sound ……dark Gospel notes of Gillian Welch…. and the sultry undertones of Norah Jones or Diana Krall - Summer's words and voice are that of an old soul; comforting, iconic and timeless. Hitting the scene at a turning point in country music and undefined genres, Summer coins her music as AMERI-TONK music

Summer is currently writing and co-writing her debut album expected to be released in 2016. She also plays numerous venues around Texas while working to establish a firm-foothold in the thriving music scene of Fort Worth.
Ben Reddell Band
Ben Reddell Band
You may recall Ben Reddell from his place on the bass behind L.A.’s Leslie Stevens & The Badgers cq — he’s the tall, mustachioed longhair who seems like he’d have been equally at home playing with Willie Nelson as with Roky Erickson. But Reddell has a guitar and a band of his own, too, and a voice that comes out as weatherbeaten and world-weary as any classic Texan troubadour. (Hey, Guy Clark? Townes Van Zandt? Is there room for one more to share that bottle of the strong stuff?) If you saw the film Heartworn Highways, and if you laughed and then tried not to cry at all the appropriately hilarious and heartbreaking moments, you’re primed for Ben Reddell’s band. They’ll ready the beer if you’ve got the tears. –Chris Ziegler
Venue Information:
The Echo
1822 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, California, 90026