Burgers & Beer – Tickets – Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum – Los Angeles, CA – April 29th, 2017 – Spaceland Presents
Burgers & Beer

LA Weekly's Burgers & Beer featuring LA's best sliders and brews and benefitting Food Forward!

Burgers & Beer

AJ Hobbs, Sam Morrow, DJ Simon Weedin

Sat, April 29, 2017

4:00 pm

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Los Angeles, CA

$39.75 - $85

This event is 21 and over

Burgers & Beer
New to LA Weekly's event roster and curated by LA Weekly's own staff of award winning food writers and special guests, the event will feature burgers from some of Los Angeles' hottest spots and burger joints. And what pairs best with burgers? That's right, a nice cold beer. Partnering up with the best craft breweries from around the world, guests will be able to sample the best of the best craft brews. Put all of this together on a hot summer Saturday afternoon and you have the recipe for success, an event that is sure to become a LA Weekly signature in no time!

Alexander's Steakhouse, Barrel & Ashes, Belcampo Meat Co., Button Mash, Grill Em' All, Haché LA, Myke's Cafe, Plan Check, Terrine, The Counter, Vaka Burger Express, Venice Whaler Bar & Grill, Ace Cider, Firemans Brew, The Lagunitas Brewing Company, Baltaire, Biergarten, CHARCOAL Venice, Fritzi, Hopdoddy Burger Bar, Little Tart Restaurant, Lock & Key, Mo Better Burgers, Preux & Proper, Scratch Bar & Kitchen, Sixth Street Tavern, Slater's 50/50, The Rose, Unit 120, 101 Cider House, 21st Amendment Brewery, Baja Brewing Company, Brewyard Beer Company, Founders Brewing Co., Hand-Brewed Beer, Indie Brewing Company, Lucky Luke Brewing Co, Scholb Premium Ales, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Solarc Beer Co., State Brewing Company, Transplants Brewing Company, Venice Duck Brewery, The Good Beer Company, The Brew Crew - BCT Brewing Project, The Brew Crew - Delicious Science Brewery, The Brew Crew - Fox and Flora Brewing Co., The Brew Crew - Horror Brewing, The Brew Crew - Polymath Brewing Co., The Pikey, Hawkins House of Burgers, Macheen, Mrs. Fish, Simmzy's MB, Angel City Brewery, Beachwood BBQ & Brewing, Boomtown Brewery, Eagle Rock Brewery, El Segundo Brewing Company, Firestone Walker Brewing Company, King Harbor Brewing Company, The Dudes' Brewing Company, Ladyface Ale Companie, MacLeod Ale Brewing Co., Strand Brewing Company, Wolf Creek Brewery, Nighthawk Breakfast Bar, Absolution Brewing Company, Arts District Brewing Company, Iron Triangle Brewing DTLA, Noble Ale Works, Santa Monica Brew Works, St. Killian Importing Co., Cassell's Hamburgers, Cobblermania, Hamburger Hamlet, Brian "Chef Turok" Menendez, Myke's Cafe, So Cal Burgers Chill & Grill, Brouwerij west, Cismontane Brewing Co., Homage Brewing, Kona Brewing Company, Smog City Brewing, Pizza Port Brewing Co.
AJ Hobbs
"AJ makes hardcore shitkicking 70s country like his daddy was Jerry Jeff Walker and his mother was one of those undefeatable women from Terry Allen's Lubbock (On Everything)...his new Shit Just Got Real EP is full of the kind of bitter-but-better-for-it humor that happens at last call." - LA Record Magazine

A.J. HOBBS is a country singer, songwriter, composer, accomplished bass and guitar player and podcaster. Born and raised in California, his vision was always to infect Southern California with a raw and timeless country sound that hasn't been heard since Every Which Way But Loose was in theaters. His very first live gig was in the summer of 2013 sharing the stage with Shooter Jennings and it's only been getting more outlaw since then. When he's not playing live, A.J. composes music for TV, including original music for Take Part Live, Road Rules and MTV's The Real World.

In November 2014, his debut EP Shit Just Got Real was made available to fans and friends on the interwebs.
Sam Morrow
On the title track of his sophomore release, There Is No Map, Sam Morrow sings "Well, I didn't learn too much, back when I knew it all.", a sentiment that perfectly encapsulates the soulful journey of this promising young American troubadour.

"In the past, I never really gave myself the opportunity to grow like I have since getting sober. I never really cared to learn about myself, my flaws, my strengths. I've been sober for long enough to where I see things coming back to me, but the fog of the chaos is only getting thicker, and that scares me."

It's been a busy year for newcomer Sam Morrow. Over the course of 15 months, he will have released his first two full length albums, a live in-the-studio EP with accompanying videos, be named an NPR "World Cafe Next" artist and play more than 100 shows, including an East Coast tour with blues legend John Mayall, kicking off The Bandit Town Festival and a successful SXSW.

In 2014, Forty Below Records released Morrow's first record Ephemeral, about which influential Americana magazine No Depression declared, "Sam Morrow has crafted a sterling debut LP that offers ready comparisons to the inspiring melancholia of Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska, Steve Earle's Train a Coming and Jason Isbell's more recent Southeastern."

While Ephemeral introduced the world to Morrow's story and sound with a collection of haunting vignettes, his sophomore effort, There Is No Map, goes a couple steps further, exploring the joy ride before the hangover. Infused with an explorer's soul and world-weary eyes, the structure and heart of this album mimic Morrow's own growth as a person and artist. It's an undeniable celebration of life, in all its unvarnished glory, as is evident right out of the gates where album opener, 'Barely Holding On', finds our thrill seeking maverick, thundering down the asphalt on a cocaine-fueled adventure.

"(Album producer) Eric Corne and I had a vision, since the end of our last record," says Morrow, "for this one to be daring. The last album dwelled on the darkness of growing up and running from reality, so I wanted this record to highlight the real adventures I had, and still have. We also wanted this record to be more of an ensemble, with the instrumentation helping to tell more of the story. We got some of our favorite musicians together in the studio for four days total; Matt Tecu on drums, Eamon Ryland on guitar, Ted Russell Kamp playing bass and Sasha Smith on keys. We recorded the first five songs in two days at Kingsize Soundlabs, in Eagle Rock. It provided a space where we could just go in and create, not simply record. The beauty of the ensemble that we put together is the ability for Eric and I to work together with them on a very raw idea. One of the songs we did at Kingsize was 'Wasted Time.' The interaction between Eamon's pedal steel playing, Sasha's organ part, and Matt's minimalist percussion approach wouldn't have happened tracking separately." Corne continues, "We topped it off with Eamon's iconic baritone guitar solo and gorgeous background vocals by Samantha Valdez. She added that classic country element, like an Emmylou (Harris) or Patsy (Cline) would have done. "It's easily my favorite track on the record," exclaims Morrow.

"I felt as though I was changing as a person and so my music should follow. My tastes had matured and I found myself digging deeper in the depths of traditional Americana; Little Feat, Hank Williams, Paul McCartney's RAM, Lucinda Williams, Merle Haggard. I found myself being influenced by things I wasn't before. Early in my life, I turned a shoulder to country music but once I started seeking out the sounds beyond what we're spoon fed, I found my home; the land of storytellers and outlaws picking against the grain. But I still wanted to stamp it with my own brand. I wanted to dip into psychedelia and make a record referencing all different kinds of music that I love." On, 'Am I Wrong,' you hear some Ray Charles crossed with The Doors; 'Green' blends country and gospel; and 'The Deaf Conductor' serves up acerbic Dylanesque wordplay over a rollicking Crazy Horse thump and guitars reminiscent of Lowell George (Little Feat).

Whereas Ephemeral was written amidst a fog of lingering depression and addiction, Morrow's turn with There Is No Map, is a wide-eyed journey through the past, careening into the future; Drenched in a childlike optimism and chemical-induced glee, the realities of this record are consequences of Morrow's own juxtaposed experiences. Even its artwork taunts the imagination with a provocative impossibility of conflicting worlds; There is No Map wrestles with paradox and invites the listener to take a seat, sweat along and tackle their own internal struggle.

In the end, there is no map to center of one's soul. It's an existential journey and one that promises to be a landmark for Sam Morrow and anyone willing to listen.
Venue Information:
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
3911 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA, 90037