KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: “A CELEBRATION of The LIFE & MUSIC of JOE STRUMMER” (In Benefit Of The Joe Strummer Foundation) – Tickets – Echoplex – Los Angeles, CA – April 3rd, 2017 – Spaceland Presents
KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: "A CELEBRATION of The LIFE & MUSIC of JOE STRUMMER" (In Benefit Of The Joe Strummer Foundation)

The Echo & Music Shelter Present

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: "A CELEBRATION of The LIFE & MUSIC of JOE STRUMMER" (In Benefit Of The Joe Strummer Foundation)

Soulutionaries, Cheap Tissue, Pedal Strike, Andrés Berry & Earthquake Weather, DJ Roger Mars, & More TBA

Mon, April 3, 2017

7:30 pm


Los Angeles, CA

$8.50 - $13.50

This event is 18 and over

Right now, Joe Strummer’s music is blasting from a battery powered boom box in the Sahara, spinning on a turntable in Kingston, blaring in a kid’s earphones in a Malaysian sweat shop... As sure as we breathe, Joe Strummer is inspiring someone somewhere to straighten their back, to question authority, to reach out to their neighbor, to explode their provincial view of the world. He’s still calling and we’re still listening.

This spring we celebrate the man who challenged us to see in a x-ray style, to feel the distance to the Nile. If you were a fan in ’77 or discover him in 2017, you know we need his voice and vision now as ever.

Please, join us and lend your voice for a night of music to benefit
The Joe Strummer Foundation.
In the midst of a time of wars, famine, sickness, greed and death, a band of brothers have united to bring the

positive message of REGGAE music to the masses! Not concerned with status, trends , or bling, SOULUTIONARIES sole

mission is to come together and simply give you REGGAE. With a hard driving rhythm section of heavy drum and bass,

and dubbed out guitars fit to start a revolution, SOULUTIONARIES are armed to the core with fire burning dubs,

righteous melodies, and irie vibrations. Determined to battle and smash down the wicked mood Babylon has set upon us,

SOULUTIONARIES are on the march, calling out to one and all! Since 2004, SOULUTIONARIES have played hundreds of shows

in the Los Angeles area and California's coast, sharing the stage with top acts such as The Abyssinians, Skatalites,

The Slackers, and top local acts such as The Aggrolites, Chris Murray, See Spot, The Expanders and many more. So put

on your dancing shoes and rock to the good vibes and positive riddims of SOULUTIONARIES! See ya in the dancehall!!!
Cheap Tissue
Directly east of the not-so- bright lights of Downtown Los Angeles, three young men met under a
janky fire escape next to a dumpster and put their shriveled, pocketed dollar bills and loose change
together to pay for the necessities (mostly booze) of starting a new band.
Furthering their minimal efforts in the dull, cultural wasteland known as Echo Park in June 2015:
Andrew Taylor, Jesse Youngblood and Sean Carroll began to write songs with a high level of energy they
felt most people would not really like very much at all. Shortly after, the three found John Tyree
(Richmond Sluts/Dirty Eyes) lurking around the same local dives without a pot to piss in himself. The
four got together infrequently over the next six months and put the not-so- polished touches on the turd

Though most would describe CT as a garage-punk/rock 'n' roll outfit, they prefer being referred
to as a very small, extremely sub-par orchestra with no conductor and the tendency to play songs at
whatever tempo they feel like.

Brandishing snarling, fuzzy guitars and three "singers" up front, Cheap Tissue is coming to
sloppily satisfy the needs of your girlfriend, sister and mother. And guess what? You won't even care.
Pedal Strike
DJ Roger Mars
Cretin Hop emerged out of a sea of Top 40 and electronic music. As an alternative escape, the home for rock n roll misfits was born. 4 years under its belt, Cretin has become Los Angeles biggest rock n roll dance night playing vinyl from rockabilly to punk classics. Regularly taking place at Short Stop every third Saturday. Come experience what the talk of the town is and take a ride with the cretins. "Gotta keep it beatin' for all the hoppin' cretins!"
Venue Information:
1822 W. Sunset Blvd
The Echoplex is located below The Echo, enter through the alley at 1154 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90026